Omnidrive C

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OmniWave is based on applied electroacoustics and natural auditory processing. Conventional stereophony produces a discrete phantom sound image that pins the listener to a ‘sweet spot’. The OmniWave virtual speaker provides sound stability at any position of the listener. OmniWave is a building stone for Continuous Phantom Imaging, the means for the creation of a free scalable ‘sweet room’ without limited sightlines. The technology provides innovative solutions in the fields of Theatre Sound, Concert Audio, Installed Sound, Studio Monitoring, Home Theatre, HiFi and Musical Instrument Amplification. OmniWave is backwards compatible with all spatial sound formats, from common Stereo to Wave Field Synthesis, Dolby Atmos and Auro3D amongst others.






‘The OmniWave system sounds brilliant! There is a great intelligibility for all seats in the auditory and the complete artistic team is convinced because we never loose focus on the stage due to the sound reinforcement’


Wolfram Schild, Muenchner Kammerspiele







‘The inaudible loudspeaker sounds beautiful and the technology has one big advantage: it’s suitable for the concert hall and for the living room’


Jacqueline Oskamp

Author of 'Charged Up', the history of electronic music in the Netherlands






‘I never heard Varèse in such detail’


Péter Eötvös







‘weniger technik, mehr kunst’


Antje Grajetzky

Bühnentechnische Rundschau



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